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| Sauces


Ching’s Secret Dark Soy Sauce

Soy sauce made with a traditional Chinese recipe. Soy beans, sugar salt fermented to perfection till the sauce is extracted. Used as a dipping sauce and a pour-over sauce. Imparts an authentic Chinese flavor to dishes.

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Ching’s Secret Chilli Soy Sauce

Exotic spices and the chilies have been blended with soy sauce to put that extra zing into dishes. A must-have ingredient for lovers of hot Chinese food.

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Ching’s Secret Green Chilli Sauce

A yin and yang blend of spice and tangy. An ideal dipping sauce which adds an extra zing to any dish it’s added to.

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Ching’s Secret Mushroom Soy Sauce

Adds an earthy mushroom flavor to dishes. Most ideal for Chinese dishes containing mushrooms. It’s also an excellent dipping sauce.

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Ching’s Secret Red Chilli Sauce

Made from spicy red chilies, it is an excellent dip sauce for chili lovers. It is also an excellent base for making the world-famous hot garlic sauce.

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Chilli Vinegar

Imparts a tangy flavor to dishes and is an integral ingredient in most Chinese preparations. The green chili imparts an extra zest. It’s used for salad dressings or to marinade any kind of meat and is used for dipping also.

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