4 Schezwan Inspired Breakfast Recipes for Mad Mornings

4 Schezwan Inspired Breakfast Recipes for Mad Mornings

As the day begins and you (finally) get out of bed, there’s only ONE thing that makes mornings tolerable – breakfast! Now, we all have fantasized about having a gourmet breakfast served to us but what we usually end up doing is slathering jam or butter on bread slices & hastily gulping them down while simultaneously getting ready. This is why, we have come up with a series of recipes that will pep up your morning & take no time to make!

1. Schezwan Poha

Schezwan Poha

Poha has been, by and far, one of our favorite go to snacks of all time. So, if you get bored of eating it the regular way, try doing it with a tangy twist! Just throw in a handful of poha along with a few regular ingredients like oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves etc and then add your secret ingredient – Ching’s Schezwan Chutney. Make way for a mind-blowing breakfast with this recipe. Check it out here


2. Schezwan Bhel

Schezwan Bhel

Bhel for breakfast is a whacky choice, so why not go all out on the craziness! Instead of the usual meetha-teekha chutney combo, try something that makes your bhel the bomb! Throw in a dollop of Ching’s Schezwan Chutney along with the usual ingredients & get ready to rock your day! See the recipe here


3. Schezwan Dosa

Schezwan Dosa

Dosa is something you can never go wrong with! Though there’s loads of variety out there, it’s a bit time consuming to make the more complicated ones. That doesn’t mean the simple ones have to be bland! With a little bit of Ching’s Schezwan chutney, you can spice up your dosa like never before! Check out how to make the most epic Schezwan Dosa here


4. Shakshukha

Shakshukha Schezwan Egg

Just how the name got your tongue rolling, this egg & Schezwan based breakfast dish will leave your taste buds drooling for more! A dish that originates in North African culture, the Shakshuka is equal parts spicy, healthy and delightful! Just get those eggs cracking & follow this recipe here